BMW M5, 12 volt, music module, leather seat, rubber tires


Power / battery: 12 volt 7Ah battery
Motor: 2x 12 volt 35 watt motors, one motor on each rear wheel
Driving: 2 adjustable speeds up to 6 km per hour, drives both forwards and backwards with 'soft start', operates with the gas pedal and with the remote control, electronic brake when the accelerator pedal is released
Lighting: Led lighting: headlights, taillights, dashboard lights, illuminated legroom
Music / Multimedia: Horn and music and stories buttons, music module with MP3-, USB-input to play your own music, volume is adjustable, battery indicator
Particulars: 2 doors, rubber EVA tires, artificial leather seat with 5-point safety seat belt, rear wheel suspensions, illuminated wheels, adjustable seat, handle with small wheels to drag it like a suitcase, high gloss paint
Remote control: 2.4 GHz remote control with adjustable speeds and pause button
Charging & playtime: 8 hours charging, 60-90 minutes playing time on a flat road
Included: Remote control, battery and charger
Number of seats: 1-seater
Suitability: For children up to 5 years up to 30 kg
Product dimensions: 124 x 74 x 55 cm (length x width x height)
Package dimensions: 126.5 x 63.3 x 37 cm (length x width x height) 

299.00 €