Shipping & warranty


We strive to send your order no later than the weekday after your order. If your order is not sent from us within 2 working days from when we receive your order, you will be contacted at the email address you provided. In case of backorders, or other occasions when delivery can be expected to be or be delayed, you will also be contacted by us.

Conditions for shipping orders:

  • Orders that has been paid before 4 PM (CET +1, timezone Amsterdam) will be dispatched on the same working day after payment.
  • Shipments will be confirmed by a confirmation email with a tracking link in it. The confirmation email and invoice will only be sent to the given email address.
  • Delivery/Transit time is as follow:
    • Netherlands: within 1 - 2 working days
    • Belgium, Germany & Luxembourg: within 2 - 3 working days
    • France, Spain and Portugal: within 3 - 4 working days
    • United Kingdom: 3 to 4 woking days
    • Other countries can be requested
  • Please inform us in case you miss any parts in the package withing 2 working days. Missing parts mentioned withing 2 working days will be offerd for free of charge.
  • Do you have received a damaged product? Send us an email with at leaset 3 pictures within 3 working days. 1st picture close zoom of the damaged item. 2nd picture zoomed out of the damaged items but you have to see the complete product. 3rd picture of the product in the open carton box. DHL needs to see the products is packed well and safe. You can also send an extra picture of the damaged carton box if it's damaged. Unfortunately ROLLZONE cannot accept any claim after 3 woking days. Of course we always try to support fixing the issue with parts if possible. You'll be charged the cost price of the fix.
  • In case of culpable damage to ROLLZONE or the courier offers ROLLZONE the options below:
    • 1. If possible, the damaged part will be replaced.
    • 2. Product will be replaced.
    • 3. The customer can keep the damaged item and will get a reasonable discount.
  • ROLLZONE has a warranty period of one year on the technical parts with the exception of wear parts such as tires, belt, gears in the motor, lights, etc. There's also a warranty periode of 6 months on the battery. There is no warranty on broken parts.
  • Quality of finishing of rides on Cars, Motorcycles, ATV Quads and Go-Karts: during the manufacturing process there may be some stains, scratches or small dents on the toy. Sometimes parts are not 100% seam on seam. This is quite common and applies to all ride on toys. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided.